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Trolls are a race of tusked humanoids living in Azeroth and other worlds.

Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Horde, Various
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Druid, Death Knight, Warlock ; Shadow hunter, Witch doctor, Potion doc, Barbarian, Primal, Wilderness stalker, Hexer, Berserker, Healer
Racial capital Zuldazar
Racial leader(s) Rastakhan, Zul
Racial mount Raptor
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Zandali
Organization(s) Tribe
Alignment Chaotic Good, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil


Trolls live in large tribes, many tribes exist. They set up cities and towns in a tropical region. Most trolls live in empires, being lead by a lord or chief. Trolls have gone to war with many races such as humans, high elves and night elves. Even know trolls can be evil, some choose to be good. A large amount of trolls worship a magic known as Voodoo. The trolls also worship an eternal named Hakkar. Recently all troll races want to form an empire nobody can destroy.