Stalfos are a race of skeletal warriors living in Hyrule.

Classification Skeleton
Faction/Affiliation None
Character classes Warrior
Racial capital None
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount None
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian (presumed)
Organization(s) Group
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Basic InformationEdit

The stalfos always dual-wield swords. They are usually always found in groups of two or more. Being hit by a stalfos can be awful as they are very strong and have high damage. Not only are swords carried but blunt clubs are seen being wielded by stalfos as well. When fighting them in certain times you can decapitate them or dismember their bones. Most of these skeletons are a few feet taller than Link. Some inhabit Tingle's Rupeeland. It is presumed they serve Ganondorf and the kokiri state if they leave the forest they will become one. The kokiri transformation story is false.