Sand trolls are a species of trolls native to deserts.

Sand troll
Sand troll
Classification Troll
Faction/Affiliation Themsleves
Character classes Zealot, Acolyte, Hideskinner, Shadowcaster, Axe Thrower, Blood Drinker, Witch Doctor, Firecaller, Guardian, Cretin, Drudge, Soul Eater, Shadow hunter, Executioner, Hydromancer
Racial capital Zul'Farrak
Racial leader(s) Kulratha
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Zandali, Low Common, Common
Organization(s) Tribe
Alignment Neutral Evil


The Sand trolls worship the hydra named Gahz'rilla. It is presumed they descended from the zandalar trolls or even possibly the jungle trolls. Most information about this race is a mystery other than several thousand years ago prior to the War of the Ancients, the sand trolls were part of the Gurubashi empire. The Sundering split jungle troll activity which left the sand trolls in the middle of the Tanaris Desert. They were left to guard against the aqir. Their main faith is Voodooism just like most other troll races. The only known sand troll tribe are the Sandfury.

Following the large troll empire recreation, an unnamed troll, presumed to be King Rastakhan stated they are likely "dead". It can be inferred by this that the sand trolls are in small numbers.