Fictional Races Wiki
Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Dragon Roost Island
Racial leader(s) Rito Cheiftain
Racial mount Self-flight
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian
Organization(s) None
Alignment Neutral Good

Rito are a race of humanoid birds who have the ability to fly. They live on Dragon Roost Island at the time of Hyrule's Great Flood.


Ritos have a mix of human and animal biologic features. Unlike most birds, rito can only use beaks for smell. Below the beak is a more human-like mouth. Throughout a childhood of a rito, he or she is called a Fledgeling and is flightless. After reaching a certain age, the rito must visit Valoo, the dragon and receive a scale. many ritos can hover in place or fly great distances. Some, presumably the younger ritos can't fly as far as a grown, mature one.


The ritos evolve from the aquatic race named the zora. This can be backed up by the Zora Sapphire symbol that appears all across Dragon Roost Island. It still remains unknown why they evolved, such as in some timelines they struggle live in murky water or water with the incorrect temperature. it is also mentioned all the fish supplies are devoid of fish, unhealthy to eat. This brings up the rumor stating the zoras' food source dried up. It is also possible the evolved to not get killed by the dangerous sea creatures seen throughout the Great Sea. In more current times their race has not appeared, stating their status is unclear.


The rito appear to live in mountainous regions, as their capital is within Dragon Roost Mountain. The common clothing here is usually a red tunic with a belt. The tunic usually has a plain color, but often have more color around the sleeves. Some ritos wear white clothes to show they are in charge. The Rito Chieftain also has unique attire, likely due to his job in their society. Postman Statues used on Windfall Island are said to attract rito.

Government & Economy[]

Ritos are often ruled by some type of monarchy or chiefdom. The ruler of the rito race is always of chieftain who oversees everything on their island. The chieftain's son will take over the chieftain's title at a certain, unspecific time. The chieftain's role is also assisted by several guards or other assistants, they live on the island and help with it's people.

Due to their swift flying speed, many ritos are postmen. Their jobs vary in the postal services such as mail carriers or other related jobs. Even though many ritos are postmen, the Mail Center seems to lack employees, Link or a man named Baito help, usually the only non-rito jobs. When they take a break from work, the ritos head to the Bird-Man Contest which is a race to see who is the fastest. Hylians can participate as well, as long as they own a flying contraption. The ritos' main currency are rupees, like most races from Hyrule.