ReDead are a race of zombie-like humanoids found around Hyrule.

Classification Undead
Faction/Affiliation None
Character classes None
Racial capital Various
Racial leader(s) None
Racial mount None
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) None
Organization(s) None (mindless)
Alignment Chaotic Evil (Mindless)


The ReDead show they are around with low-pitched moans. They commonly stand still or sit in a fetal position until Link arrives by them, then they paralyze him. They are very slow and barely ever recover from an attack. When a ReDead is slayed the reDead walks up to their corpse and squat down, the point for this is unknown although it is presumed they are either mourning the ReDead's death or feasting upon it's corpse.

They are confirmed to be blind due to Link walking past them, however, if Link throws a deku nut than the ReDead will attempt to paralyze Link. Some of these undead even jump on your back and try and eat you. They wear a mask for unknown reasons and it remains unknown what their face looks like.