Fictional Races Wiki
Classification Small Humanoids
Faction/Affiliation Great Deku Tree
Racial capital Forest Haven
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian (Presumed)
Alignment Lawful Good

Koroks are a race of forest spirits. They are evolved kokiri.



Most koroks spend most of their lives far from Forest Haven planting Great Deku Tree's seeds. They only return once a year for the Korok Ceremony, held when the Great Deku Tree has seeds again. The only two koroks that remain at Forest Haven are Makar, the future Sage of Wind who plays a leaf violin. The other korok who stays is Hollo, the potion maker. Hollo uses Boko Baba seeds to make his brews. The koroks are often named after tree species'.


Koroks have small bodies, about the size of a young human. Their bodies seem to be made of wood and their faces covered with marks, or leaf-like masks which vary in color and size. Due to their light-frame bodies, they can easily fly with the assistance of a special sprout on the top of their heads similar to helicopters. They can only fly for a short period of time.


The koroks were once the forever human child race called the kokiri. When Hyrule was transformed into a large ocean referred to as the Great Sea, they took on a plant appearance. Much like the kokiri they once were, the koroks never age. Similar to their former selves, the koroks are very nervous about outsiders and are often scared of them.