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Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Neutral
Character classes None
Racial capital Kokiri Forest
Racial leader(s) Mido
Racial mount None
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian
Alignment Nautral Good

Kokiri are a human race living in Kokiri Forest located in Hyrule. They never age and are children for eternity.


The Kokiri live under the leadership of Mido and the protection of the Great Deku Tree deep within Hyrule's forest. All Kokiri wear the same attire known as the Kokiri Tunic. The females wear headbands and the males, like Link wear a green, floppy hat. Every kokiri has a fairy guardian which serves as the kokiris' companion which are gifts from the Great Deku Tree.

Forest Myth, Evolution and Status

A common myth is that if a kokiri leaves the forest they die shortly after. However, it is most likely a false story just to scare the kokiri. This is proven false due to seeing Kokiri celebrating at Lon Lon Ranch at the end of the Ocarina of Time events. Following the Great Flood they evolved into the Korok much like the zora evolved into the Rito. It is important to know that the kokiri, alongside the gerudo have an unknown status and it is yet to be revealed what happened to these two races overtime.

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