Two half-orcs
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Racial capital None
Racial leader(s) Human royalty or orcish leaders
Racial mount None
Homeworld Abeir-Toril
Primary language(s) Orcish, Common
Organization(s) Clan
Alignment Neutral Good, Lawful Evil, True Neutral

Half-orcs are a race of half-breeds between humans and orcs. They have an orc parent and a human parent.


Information & HistoryEdit

Half-orcs have existed in Abeir-Toril for many centuries, they have no cultural history. They have made a living by following whatever path in another's culture. Since the events of the Era of Upheaval, however half-orcs have become more independent discovering the city of Many-Arrows by a king named Obould a century ago. Recently relationships between humans and orcs have eased and more half-orcs are born.