Half-blood elves are a hybrid race of half human and half blood elf.

Half-blood elf
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Classification Hybrid race
Faction/Affiliation N/A
Character classes Warrior, Warlock
Racial capital N/A
Racial leader(s) N/A
Racial mount Hawkstrider, Elven horse, Horse
Homeworld Various
Primary language(s) Thalassian, Common
Alignment Chaotic Good, Lawful Good


Though this race has yet to be created yet, according to blood elf lore it may happen in twenty years. They have been confirmed, however to have dominate blood elven traits. Like their blood elf relatives they are addicted to arcane magic, every morning they must meditate which resists the unhealty addiction but also gives them the spell power to fight. If fel energy affects half-blood elves their addiction will end a few days later. They have a strange scent of fel and learn in the spiritual path of a night elf or tauren. When taking up the warrior class they use shortbows, shortswords and scimitars.