Gold dwarf
Gold dwarf
Gold dwarf
Character classes Warrior, Unknown caster
Racial capital Forgotten Realms
Homeworld Forgotten Realms
Primary language(s) Riftspeak, Dwarven
Organization(s) Clans (presumed)
Alignment Lawful Good

Gold dwarves are a subrace of dwarves.


Gold dwarves are a very proud race of dwarves hailing from the vast, dark underground region known as the Underdark. They are very agile compared to other dwarven races. Gold dwarves skin is known for a tan or goldish color to it. Like most dwarves both genders can grow beards and the feamles like to keep them in good care. They welcome humans into their land with out a fear. They have their own unique language. Gold dwarves are well known for the finest crafted weapons in all the worlds. Gold dwarves tend not to study magic but indtead study the ways of a warrior or barbarian but some may create magic only used by their own race. They are friendly and accept and respect almost every race.