Faction/Affiliation Themselves, Various
Character classes Tinker, Sapper, Steam warrior, Techno mage, Ace, Buccaneer, Bombardier, Potion doc, Gambler, Deathknight, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, Bruiser, Grunt
Racial capital Undermine, Bilgewater Harbor
Racial leader(s) Jastor Gallywix, Maldy (formerly)
Racial mount Trike, Turtle, Shredder
Homeworld Azeroth, Various
Primary language(s) Goblin, Various others
Organization(s) Business
Alignment Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil

Goblins are a race of small humanoids. They have yellowish to green pigment.


Goblins are small intelligent humanoids and are lead by trade princes and rarely trade princesses. The trade princes live on Kezan in the city of Undermine. They are known to run their armies and trade fleets. Various jobs taken up are mining, vendorer, trade, deforestation and poaching.


Goblins are small intelligent humanoids, they are great businessmen and artist as well as engineers. The dwarf and gnome race have similar qualities, but goblins are much more techno then the others. They make technology that is vast, such as gadgets. They are a good source of firearms. They always want gold, more and more. They were once allies to the Horde, but broke away from them later.

Basic HistoryEdit

They enslave jungle trolls to mine Kaja'mite. A dragon used goblin artifacts to create the Demon Soul. An aquatic faceless one remembers the creation of goblins. The goblins have lived on Kezan for centuries although less intelligent then they are now. Trolls used Kaja'mite for voodoo rituals and forced the goblins to be their slaves.

The WarsEdit

The goblins took the war as a perfect time for money and started to build vast trade empires. They traded with the world and then aligned themselves with the Horde. A Horde ambassador met a trade prince, the goblins then built various machines for gold and spoils to the orcs. The goblins expanded trade market and stayed with the Horde, others remained neutral. Those decided to sell to both sides.

Later YearsEdit

The goblins were later attacked by Deathwing, the dragon aspect. They were forced to steal their own items and then were turned to slaves by Gallywix. They came across a sea battle crossfire and were sunk, washing away to the Lost Isles. The Bilgewater Cartel joined the Horde and set up a "city" in Azshara and a district in Orgrimmar, the orcish capital city.