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Gnome artwork from WoW
Classification Small Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Gnomeregan
Character classes Warrior, Priest, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Deathknight, Priest, Tinker, Techno mage, Steam warrior, Ace, Bombardier, Gunman, Sapper, Archmage, Necromancer, Potion doc
Racial capital Gnomeregan (formerly), Ironforge (currently)
Racial leader(s) Gelbin Mekkatorque
Racial mount Mechanostrider
Homeworld Azeroth, Various
Primary language(s) Gnomish
Alignment Lawful Good, True Neutral, Chaotic Evil

Gnomes are a race of small humanoids that have extreme intellect and are natural inventors.



Gnomes are a race of tinkering humanoids who live underground. During the Second War, they built gadgets and vehicles such as submarines and flying machines, these were all for the Alliance. They are good inventors and mechanics. Their city was later invaded and killed most citizens. The gnomes remained secluded in Bael Modan, a titan facility. They always work alongside dwarves.


Though very early history is unknown, it is known they lived in Lordaeron a little bit before the dwarves arrived. The first gnome race in existence were the mechagnome, a clockwork-like gnome species, but they were later plagued with the Curse of Flesh. Dwarves found a gnome village in later, yet earlier time.

The Three Wars[]

When orcs came through the Dark Portal starting the First War, the various Alliance resources worked together, this included dwarves and gnomes. They were also delegates to Ironforge. During the Second War, the gnomes were with the Alliance again. This helped the orcs lose the war. During the Third War, the gnomes refused to aid Lordaeron in the Burning Legion invasion. The troggs then invaded Gnomeregan, the beloved gnome city. This is why no reinforcements were sent. They later set up various outposts and lived in Ironforge with the dwarves.


It is known the first gnome was Erbag from Lordaeron who was a member of the Tirisfalen council. Indus, another gnome was also related to Erbag. Their has been no official king or queen of the gnomes for thousands of years.


Leper gnome

Sand gnome


Scourge gnome

Undead gnome

Forest gnome

Rock gnome

Deep gnome