Character classes Pirate, Bandit, Warrior
Racial capital Gerudo Desert, Hyrule
Racial leader(s) Ganondorf, Nabooru
Racial mount Horse
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian
Organization(s) Tribe
Alignment True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral

The Gerudo are a race and tribe inhabiting the deserts of Hyrule and it's neighboring lands.


The gerudo are a human race of mostly females with a male being born every 100 years. They are feared by most desert dwellers. They have tattoos believed to be tribe markings. They have an Arabic culture often using bows, swords and other weapons. By other races they are referred to as thieves or pirates. They only appreciate non-gerudo people that can handle a fight. Nabooru is the gerudo sage.

Recent YearsEdit

In recent times, the gerudo population has become unknown. Many adventurers and natives to Hyrule believe that beyond the Gerudo Desert mountains lies the remainder of the tribe. This speculation has yet to be proven and the gerudo races' status remains unknown.