Fictional Races Wiki
Classification Fey Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Bard, Archer
Racial capital Chondalwood, the northern part
Homeworld Abeir-Toril
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Fauns also called satyrs are a race of fey humanoids that resemble elves in a way.


Fauns stand shorter than human males, but taller than dwarves. They appear scrawny at first sight but are stronger than most may first estimate. They sport a set of ram-like horns which protrude forwards from the hairline above each eyebrow. These can either be short, smooth and stubby which is present in most females of the race, or can be long and slender - a trait of the males. From the waist down, the Faun is covered in a mange of coarse hair goat hair coloured brown through white. The shape and structure of their legs mirror that of a goat, they also possess instead of feet, a pair of hooves. Whilst they may be awkward in appearance, Fauns are good walkers and runners.


Fauns delight singing, dancing, debauchery and feasting. They are also known for their smooth-talking skills and have a habit for leaving pregnancies wherever they venture. The children of these unions are spirited away by their fathers soon after their born. Fauns believe in superstition such as if you spot a dragon while it's raining. They inhabit Chondalwood and ward off human caravans and travelers off the Old Road.