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The Elf (plural: elves) is of an ancient race of humanoids. They are a very common creature in fantasy universes. They are portrayed as elegant, intelligent, beautiful, and deadly with magic and bows.


Elves are considered the most ancient race to many realms. They have been involved in lots of evolution, and there are many subraces. They are also many half-breeds of elves too. They have fought in wars against Trolls and humans. They live in many habitats, in all different worlds. The main representation of elves in fantasy and video games was created by British author J.R.R Tolkien.



Dark elf

Night elf

Moon elf

Fire elf

Sea elf

Frost elf

Blood elf

High elf

Undead elf

Fel elf


Half-night elf

Half-blood elf

Wood elf

Wild elf

Desert elf

Shadow elf

Flame elf


  • In their point of origin, The Lord of The Rings, Tolkien never mentions that they have pointed ears.
  • However, elves are almost universally described as very tall, with very keen senses - hearing and eyesight being common, and having an acute sense of smell is not unheard of.
  • However, heights in the subraces can differ. The elves of Gielinor and the Dunmer and Bosmer of Tamriel are shorter than the average human.