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Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent, Tribunal, Boethiah, Azura, Mephala
Character classes Asassin, Mage, Warrior, Archer
Racial capital Morrowind
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount Horse, silt striders
Homeworld Nirn
Alignment True Neutral, Neutral Evil

Dunmer, more commonly known as dark elves is an elven race native to Morrowind, a province on Tamriel.


When Red Mountain erupted, it forced the Dunmer to evacuate to Skyrim. They face extreme prejudices due to their elven blood, but are not allied with the Aldmeri Dominion. Many Dunmer have only begun fitting in and take jobs as merchants, mages, sellswords, or Dark Brotherhood assassins.

Victims of Racism[]

Nords, being strongly nationalistic, separated the Dunmer from other Windhelm citizens. They forced them into dirty slums simply known as the Gray District. Fortunately for the Dunmer, the Nords give far worse treatment to the Argonians who live on the docks and cannot pass the city gates.


After Red Mountain erupted, Dunmer fled to Skyrim. Numerous ones headed toward the College of Winterhold to practice and enhance their innate magical talents. Many others fled to the Stormcloak capital known as Windhelm. Two Nords can be seen arguing with a Dunmer in Windhelm.

Vision of Azura[]

Before the eruption and destruction of Red Mountain that lead to mass Dunmer exodus, several of those faithful to Azura received images of the mountain erupting ahead of time. Setting out to the desecrated city of Winterhold, these Dunmer built a shrine dedicated to Azura, who is the Daedric prince of Dusk and Dawn. They stayed there as priests and priestesses, until only one remained. The last remaining Dunmer faithful to her is Aranea Ienith.