Charr are a humanoid race of felines inhabiting the world of Tyria.

Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Firecaller, Warden, Tracker, Scout
Racial capital Shiverpeak Mountains
Racial leader(s) Khan-Ur (formerly)
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Tyria
Primary language(s) Charr, Common
Organization(s) Warband
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


The Charr have always been a savage fighting race that once dominated the eastern side of Shiverpeak Mountains, they fought anything they could including themselves. The warbands then all agreed to noe leader the Khan-Ur. In the days before the Tyrian Gods brought the humans to the world the charr battled with the forgotten in the mountains of Blazeridge. The humans arrived and later pushed the charr out of Blazeridge with the help of the Gods. The conqured land began to known as Ascalon. The Khan-Ur's death resulted in them being called imperators and brought establishment to the High Legions- The Ash, Blood, Flame and Iron. In order to defeat the humans they sought gods to find their own. Having found gods the Shamn caste, the first charr united under the fiery gods. It laso united the other warbands under their faith. One charr by the name of Bathea Havocbringer rejected these new gods. She was quickly executed as a living sacrifice, this resulted in the ban of female charr from the warbands. Their gods gave the charr the Cauldron of Cataclysm allwoing charr to breach a wall called the Great Northern Wall and assaulted the human kingdoms of Ascalon. They ended the last Guild Wars through the Ritual of Searing causing crystals to fall from the sky and shatter the Great Northern Wall.