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A Centaur art from the Warcraft franchise
Faction/Affiliation None, Cenarion Circle
Character classes Barbarian, Druid, Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, Shaman, Necromancer, Drudge, Impaler, Firecaller, Ravager, Marauder, Deathcaller, Torturer, Khan, Conqueror, War khan, Archer
Racial capital Various
Racial leader(s) Various khans
Racial mount Self-movement
Homeworld Azeroth, Various worlds
Primary language(s) Low Common, Common, Goblin, Orcish, Taur-Ahe, Zandali, Krenkese
Organization(s) Clans, tribes
Alignment Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good

Centaur are a type of taur, half-man, half-horse.



Centaurs originate from the Demigod Cenarius or Cenarius's relative, Zaetar. They may also have originated from an entity simply known as "The Centaur". The five centaur clans in Kalimdor are the bastard offspring of Zaetar - A keeper of the grove and oldest son of Cenarius. Other centaurs involved with Zaetar's clans are born from "The Centaur".

Horde Conflicts[]

Hatred of the Centaur, a tauren myth, tells how early centaurs were driven from their land of Mulgore and forced to wander the Barrens of the Kalimdor continent on Azeroth. Tauren claim the centaurs have always existed to take land. When the barbaric orcs first arrived on Kalimdor, they realized the constant centaur raids on the tauren. With the aid of the orcs the tauren reclaimed their beloved, ancestral land to live peacefully again.

The members of the Horde hate centaurs so much they use their dead body's as rugs in various inns or homes. They can be found in the tauren bluffs of Thunder Bluff, Mulgore and Orgrimmar, Durotar. Both sides, the Horde and Alliance respectively are attempting to control these savage horse-men by using inter-tribal conflicts so they do not become a greater threat.


The Alliance and Horde are trying to unite the centaur tribes in Desolace due to the Burning blade threats and their demonic masters. This includes the Gelkis, Magram and Kolkar.

The Pariah[]

Despite the hostile acts by all the centaur clans, a centaur recently discovered to be a Centaur Pariah has been found. He is seen as a heretic because he developed plans to unify each clan/tribe. Azerothian adventurers can aid him in his design by entering his large tomb of Maraudon and forging the Amulet of Union, which is suppose to bring all centaurs together as one. It is currently unknown how it will work. If redeemed, Zaetar's spirit will also speak for a hopeful future for centaur tribes/clans.


According to various information another myth supports the centaurs' origin.

  • Legend has it they are a bastard offspring of the demigod, Cenarius.
  • It is speculated he sired the curse, to ravage the orc, tauren and troll homelands.
  • Cenarius's children are literally the real offspring of Cenarius.
  • They somewhat resemble dryads and keeper of the groves.
  • According to night elf legend, "The Centaur" created the centaur dick head ace.



Centaur are capable of speaking Low Common and rarely Common. However, members of the ancient Krenka Tribe can speak Krenkese. A very meager amount speak Taur-Ahe, the tauren's main language.


Centaur clans/tribes are lead by khans or war khans.


They are said to be barbaric, dirty and nasty. They are not very pleasant people to be around. However, some modern interpretations portray them as noble and wise based on Chiron of Greek mythology.