Aquatic elf
Aquatic elf
Classification Natural Humanoid (Aquatic)
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes Warrior, Barbarian, Mage, Spellcaster
Racial capital Faerun seas
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount Underwater animals
Homeworld Abeir-Toril
Primary language(s) Elven
Alignment Neutral Good, Chaotic Good

Aquatic elves (AKA Sea elves) are a race of aquatic elves inhabiting the seas of the Forgotten Realms.


The aquatic elves as shown by their name inhabit the seas around Faerun. They live with allies like whales and dolphins. Typical combat for an aquatic elf is wielding a trident or spear and a usage of nets.


Aquatic elves were the very last elf race to to arrive at Faerun and have always kept a distance between the land-dwelling elves. In the beginning, the sea elves were nomadic wanderers but soon became to form separate communities. Aquatic elves have a war-like history. They attempted to stay a distance away from the Crown War, but this failed and the war reached their homes. This resulted in driving some of the Great Sea elves up into the northern waters known as the Sea of Fallen Stars. Aquatic elves have constantly fought with evil, underwater races especially the sahuagin, but at times they also confronted the merfolk and other races described as goodly. One war resulted in a group of refugees setting up a colony around Lake Sember.


Aquatic elves base their society on family and their clans. Females can wield power but are patriarchal. Noble families rule in a loose fashion and being over an iron fist. Individuals or families may own their own dwelling but most property is is held in common. Such communal ownership means theft is almost unknown.

The majority of sea elves live in the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Great Sea. It should be noted though that some smaller communities exist on the west coast of Lake Sember.

A large sea elf community with over thousands of people is around the island of Evermeet. King Elashor, residing in the city of Iumathiashae (or "Mother of Pearls"), holds sway over this realm. The aquatic elves of this area protect Evermeet from numerous undersea threat such as the sahuagin and scrags.

Magic & ReligionEdit

Sea elves are the least magical of all the Forgotten Realms elves. However, they still have as many mages as a standard human realm. Those who dedicate time to magic learning eventually become skilled. To add on to this, the aquatic elves have created a large amount of waterproof items and an underwater writing system.

In religion, aquatic elves worship Deep Sashelas, an undersea god of beauty and knowledge. Some sea elves worship Istishia, the king of water elementals.

Leisure & ArtEdit

The unique sounds heard underwater lend the aquatic elves music. They are exposed to songs from whales and other denizens of the sea, sometimes it is described as eerie. Due to this it is not a surprise that sea elves have such evocative and powerful songs.