Antica are a race of ant-like Beastmen from Gaia.

Classification Natural Humanoid (Beastman)
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes Paladin, Ranger, Warrior, Black mage, Mage
Racial capital Underground Vana'diel
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount None
Homeworld Gaia
Primary language(s) Unknown
Organization(s) Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (presumed)


The Antica once lived deep under Vana'diel. The galka disturbed the antica races' deep underground home and the antica fought the galka. While the glaka had far more power the hordes of antica outnumbered the galkan forces. These acts lead the galka to leaving to the island of Kuzots, which left the land to the antica. The antica stayed out of the Crystal War for the most part, though it is said if the antica fought alongside the Shadow Lord he would of won against the Allied Forces of Vana'diel.