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Group of Anouki
Faction/Affiliation Anouki
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Snow Sanctuary, Hyrule
Racial leader(s) Chief
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian
Alignment Lawful Good

Anouki are a race of partially humans with reindeer antlers. They prefer living in cold environments.


Anouki are a race of partial humanoid reindeer-like humans.


They hail from the Isle of Frost found in the World of the Ocean King and have recently moved to land in New Hyrule's Snow Realm.

Culture and Society[]

Though most anouki are friendly they have had their conflicts with a race of yeti-like humanoids referred to as yooks.They are known to be honest, never speaking a lie in their whole lifetime.They have a few objects that are important to them called Pure Metals.Their cultured villages usually have a significant emphasis on trends, fashion, and education— including the practice of minor magical spells learned through study and practice. fishing yields plentiful food for their lazy lifestyles. As such, anouki rarely actively engage in hunting or sport and instead occupy themselves with intellectual pursuits.Anouki are very prone to acting like other anouki to fit in. They are quick to alienate outsiders even from their own race. Despite their cliquish nature, anouki are not inherently cruel and are particularly averse to violence.


They have provided the Hyrule swordsman, Link on a few of his quests.


  • They are most likely a reference to the Eskimo Native Americans who live in upper Canada.