Aelfwar are a race of humanoids inhabiting Telara.

Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Dragon Cult
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Silverwood
Racial leader(s) Prince Hylas
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Telara
Primary language(s) Unknown
Organization(s) House
Alignment Neutral Evil


The Dragon Cult affiliated with the dragon of life Greenscale. It is mainly made up of a breakaway faction of High elves under the leadership of Prince Hylas. They seek to destroy the world and transform it into a jungle. Faeries and Treants are members of the court. They have safeguarded Telara's wild places for a very, very long time. The Ascended than returned from death as the protectors of of all Telara. When the goblins emerged from Gloamwood to burn the elves wood to the ground. Hylas represented the Guardian's faliure to act. The prince later lead his race to worship Greenscale. They want to foster the wild as the wildest, spreading the Primeval's One's philosphy of a never ending competition. He may even fight against Fae Lord Twyl as his main enemy. Hylas and Twyl were once devoted friends.