Aasimar are a race of humans that are planetouched. They hail from the Forgotten Realms.

Classification Planetouched Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Unknown
Character classes Paladin, Cleric, Blackguard
Racial capital Prime Material Plane, Forgotten Realms
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Forgotten Realms
Primary language(s) Common
Alignment Lawful Good, True Neutral, Neutral Good


The Aasmimar were created by as a result of humans breeding with celstial devas were unheard of on the multiverse prior to the arrival of the Mulani humans from a forgotten plane. Drawn by a powerful wizards of Imaskar The Mulani called their gods for aid. The gods could only appear as avatars so did their celestial servitors who require a mortal body, this resulted in the first devas. Since that time, the Devas are also called aasimar now in Mulhorand. They were however created by different means but all races share qualities with these first individuals.